UDL Benefits for Teachers

  • UDL overcomes the flaws of the traditional assessment methods
  • It enables multiple representation of content moving away from the traditional teaching based upon textbooks
  • It gives teacher fairer, deeper more accurate understanding of student learning
  • UDL enables teacher to boost interaction and supporting tools helping student state and achieve the learning goals
  • It gives student flexibility in expression and flexibility in engagement serving as a platform to enhance skills, abilities and motivations that would  otherwise be hidden and overshadowed by the traditional teaching methods
  • UDL reduces students’ anxiety related to traditional assessment methods such as texting leading to a more conducive and enabling learning environment
  • The value of UDL is to adjust to individual differences to teaching unveiling hidden competencies thus adding to class performances
  • UDL is a scientifically valid framework
  • Flexibility allows teacher to align assessment more closely with teaching goals and methods
  • Teacher can evaluate student more accurately adding fairness to the assessment process
  • New legislation compels teachers to adhere to UDL principles
  • UDL follows scientifically based research on how the brain works and how we learn.
  • Research emphasizes that we have to engage the three different networks in order to maximize learning

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One response to “UDL Benefits for Teachers

  • pongsuda

    This is a very good summary of the benefit of UDL for teachers. I think the best way to explain how UDL works is to compare the traditional and UDL approaches to the four components of curriculum: goals, instructional instructions, materials and assessments.

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